Home exchange and bed&breakfast


We are Corrie and Léon Klein Schiphorst. In  this blog we would like to give you a little impression of our home in Akersloot. We love exchanging homes for our holidays.  We have no particular preference as to our country of destination.

All the details: www.holidaylink.com/index_woningruil.html.

Our ID is NL 17400. Also we have a bed & breakfast at home.
Contact: 00 31 251 311991.

the house

Visitors tell us that our place has a romantic atmosphere to it. We have mainly used natural materials in decorating the interior. I guess you could call it country style. Both at the front and the back of the house is a cosy, sheltered terrace. A great place to sit outside and relax, whatever the weather is like.
The dining room in particular is full of daylight, with a never-boring view over the fields. The sunset often marks a spectacular beginning of the evening, with it’s typical Dutch cloudy skies and shades of red.


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the garden

The total lot is about a thousand square metres. The front looks out over the countryside. The small garden on the street side looks formal with buxus and espalier. At the back of the house there is much more space and the hedges and bushes provide you with a secluded place to sit. An immens beech forms the centre of the garden and it provides enough shadow to cool you down on a hot day. Seats are created at several places to enjoy the beauty of the garden. Seating areas have been created in several spots to enable us and our visitors te enjoy the beauty of the garden to the max. 

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the family


Our first names ar Corrie and Léon. Since our daughter Jasmine and son Michiel have moved out, it’s just the two of us living here, accompanied by a dog and a cat. I was born in 1947 and I am a journalist by profession. Corrie, born in 1948, works from home. She is a designer of children’s clothes. We enjoy the house and its surroundings a lot. We like to walk in the polder, on the shores of the lake close to our house. Or we cycle through the dunes to the beach. The sea is just half an hour away by bicycle.
Corrie is a passionate tennis player, where I prefer to play golf on one of the beautiful courses in the neighbourhood. 

the area

Akersloot is a small village with just over ten thousand inhabitants. Our house is situated just on the edge of the village with views over the countryside.
At walking distance, you will find a shopping centre, a pub, two restaurants and a bus station. The train station is just 5 kilometres away. The local road is only a few miles away from the motorway, with historical cities such as Alkmaar (7km), Haarlem (25km) or Amsterdam (30km) within easy reach. The area is still very much an agricultural region with quite a few dairy farms and some horticulturists. The population is a ix of local people and commuters originating from the city who enjoy the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of places like Akersloot.